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My name is Kellie, my legal name is Kenneth. I am my mother's baby girl and my father's only daughter. I was born in BC Canada. After my mother married an American I grew up in small town USA. Subsequent to their divorce, mom moved us back to Canada, where I graduated high school, acquired a post secondary education and worked in a wide array of professions. I first encountered trans ideology in 2002, succumbed to the enchantment of transitioning female to male in 2004, started testosterone in 2005, had a hysterectomy in 2006 and a bilateral mastectomy in 2008. My disenchantment with Genderology, as a religious movement, began in 2010. I fled from Vancouver's gender scene to return to long-haul trucking early 2011. Working in such a male dominated profession finally opened my eyes to the differences between men and women.  Attending the Vancouver CPATH conference in 2017 was my first introduction to the manner in which Genderology driven by Queer theory had taken over transition specific health care. The Covid-19 lockdowns changed everything! ​

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