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Were did April Go

Forty days of prayer and fasting, seeking God's will. Two days shy of six weeks. It was amazing.

There has to be a way to embrace diversity, to teach girls they can be female, however they are comfortable doing so. That becoming a woman is not about interests, or hobbies, or clothes, or hair, or who you desire.

Diversity needs to be about widening the definition of female to include all those who were born girls, regardless of how any individual female expresses/embraces her femininity.

How did things go so far wrong. Why must boys who are different be completely ostracized from masculinity. Why are the NDP and Greens discriminating against boys and men based on gender identities and expression? Why do they refuse to accept males who are different within the category of men? Why do they demand these male be bullied, harassed, and excluded from manhood. What is so unacceptable about diversity of expression that those who don't fit the Ken doll category are shunned then excommunicated.

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