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Somedays are better than others

Library computer just erased my entire blog because I ignored it for too long. Writing for me is a knock down drag out battle with words. Then having some automated system erase what I managed to get out in a somewhat coherent manner just pours water on the fires of inspiration. Most days I wonder what I have to add to the conversation, eventually I come across some new brain child of the Genderology religion that I've simply need to respond to.

So ya, Drag Queen summer camp for kids is coming to British Columbia for summer 2023! Apparently Drag Queen Story Hour wasn't sufficiently evangelical, or maybe the strip tease alter calls weren't producing enough converts? Whatever the justification for this latest LGBTQ@SP++ vegetable soup conversion therapy scheme, the intent once again appears to be aimed at fracturing children's reality matrix and stymieing their normative development via exposure to adult sexual entertainment.

The closer I get to the earth, planting seeds raising livestock, the greater my realization of the smoke and mirrors cinematic nature of what gets called Transgender Health Care. The soil doesn't care about my gender identity or sex. Seeds exposed to adequate conditions sprout and grow. All of the hoop-la about gender is entirely cultural. Sex is binary because two types of gametes are required for sexual reproduction.

The idea that I was a man because of x, y, or z skills, interests, and abilities was simply lies.

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