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Some days are better than others

Not sure where to start or what to say, somedays it simply doesn't feel like I have much of significance to add to the conversation. Summer has arrived in the BC interior region so I've been spending most of my free time growing food and building things. Living off grid and working in mainstream sometimes is like having two fulltime jobs. Genderology popped up its ugly head in the form of a friend's Facebook post. An extreme trans radical advocate had told her "49 States in the US have past extremely transphobic laws this year." further insinuating she needed to fear for her safety here in Canada.

Its sad. Those laws focused on two issues: stopping children from being medicalized into Genderology, and protecting women and children from sexual predation in public spaces. The advocate called me a liar, lectured me on Canadian Law, and sang the praises of the gender woo-who voodoo. Failing to in any way address the facts of my statements.

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