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On the Mainland and heading home

Arrived at my brother's home in Langley yesterday to catch up on sleep and visit. Is always good to be with people who know, love and support me.

I'm sadden to read about how mainstream media and trans-queer plus advocates are framing the Cowachin Aquatic Center protest as being about hate. The protest was centered on saying No to men is women's spaces. Background Information shared during the protest revealed a long-term history of women complaining to staff at CAC about the creepy behavior of men in the women's change room. I also found out some families have stopped using the pool because no staff members were empowered to intervene and have these predatory men removed from the women's change room. This is unacceptable.

Women on testosterone are beginning to explore why they abandoned women's spaces. Many are examining the motives of the men on estrogen who use bullying and humiliation tactics to get women to leave women's spaces thereby leaving a void these men are demanding access to.

It's is long past time to say No! Although my appearance remains questionably male, I have begum to access women's spaces. Now is the time to declare all who are born a girl have a fundamental birth right to access women's spaces.

Yes we look strange. Some of us have facial hair. Some are bald. Most used enough testosterone to change our voices. So yup, this is going to be uncomfortable.

Women on testosterone are not going to: sit fully clothed ogling women and girls, sit in toilet cubicles masturbating with used feminine hygiene products, walk around with errections or other such socially unacceptable behaviors. We will be in women's spaces for two reasons: 1) to protect women and children from predatory men, and 2) to access those services.

Girls grow up to become women. All women regardless of how they choose to rearrange the skin on their bodies need to prioritize the protection of children over temporary emotional discomfort.

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