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DAC letter of Support PM Alberta Danielle Smith

As a detransitioner and the founder of Detrans Alliance Canada, I am writing this letter in support of the proposals put forward by the Premiere of Alberta (Danielle Smith) in her public announcement of January 31, 2024. I believe the policies Danielle set out will preserve for children their right “to make adult decisions as adults.” This should not be considered a controversial position in a free and just society.

Sex, gender, and sexuality are an intricately interwoven set of heuristics. The modern understanding of gender is such a complex matrix of ever changing ideologies that now even adults struggle to answer the question “What is a Woman.” Children need to be allowed the freedom to be different without being medicalized, gender non-conformity is not a pathology needing to be corrected.

The new policies Danielle has proposed will support both the short-term concerns of children who suffer from a sense of dysphoria regarding gender roles or expression, and the long-term needs of children who embrace their gender non-conformity. Her proposals appear both evidence-based and similar to those put forward by European countries such as Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. The information released thus far reflects the views of professional medical practitioners and the scientific regulatory bodies in these progressive countries.

I believe recent public opinion polls reflect the widespread approval and support Canadian parents, citizens and residents have for these policies. Further in light of the recent announcement of the NHS (National Health Service) in England to ban the routine prescribing of puberty blockers to gender questioning children due to concerns regarding their long-term health outcomes, the leadership Premier Danielle Smith and her government have taken on this matter serves as an example to all other provinces and territories. I applaud Premier Danielle Smith and her government for their much needed leadership in protecting the physical health and emotional well-being of gender questioning children.

At Detrans Alliance Canada we believe no single resource can be everything for everyone. DAC was developed to be a resource for people who are detrans, desist, or regretters.

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