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Counselling outside of Canada

The counselling I need as a detransitioner can be construed as conversion therapy in Canada and if seen as such is illegal. Earlier this year I decided to seek the services I require from outside of Canada. You might wonder why counselling for a detransitioner would be illegal. Good question. Under Canada's conversion therapy criminal law, anything a counsellor does to encourage or support a client towards normative sexual orientation and/or gender identity is considered conversion therapy and banned.

Why does my government forbid people like me from accessing the supports and services we so desperately need ? I truly do know.

Even so they are seeking to bush the TQ+ radical agenda even further.

Why are the sexual fetishes of a select privileged group of European ancestry males being raised above the needs of women and the safety of children? Men with autogynophilia are obsessed with the idea of how beautiful they would be if only they not undergone a normal male puberty. Even though AGP is entirely sexually driven (it is a sexual orientation) and as such doesn't develop till later in a man's life, still these completely narcissistic males are obsessed with children.

Now queer theory is no longer satisfied with SOGI 123, their new goal is the deconstruction of childhood innocence, recently a UBC professor recommended that children should be exposed to the penis of a man with a gender identity in order to promote trans inclusion.

Where will this all end. No social barrier these men cross ever satisfies them for long. They are always chasing the next social barrier to breach. For me now is the time to stand up and say NO MORE!!!

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