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A Day in my Life

Been sharing pictures of me from before, during, and detrans; I refer to myself as female for all three stages. I was born a girl and have been a woman since becoming an adult human female. My appearance is slowly beginning to shift. It'll be years still before my appearance shifts back to a normal female facial characteristics. It will take time for my physiology to respond to the estrogen. It will happen. By the grace of God one day...

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Were did April Go

Forty days of prayer and fasting, seeking God's will. Two days shy of six weeks. It was amazing. There has to be a way to embrace diversity, to teach girls they can be female, however they are comfort

On the Mainland and heading home

Arrived at my brother's home in Langley yesterday to catch up on sleep and visit. Is always good to be with people who know, love and support me. I'm sadden to read about how mainstream media and tran

Cowachin Aquatic Center Keep Women Safe protest

Saw the video clip of the "event" where a man was in the women's change room at the Cowachin Aquatic Center, heard the cries of pain and knew I needed to attend. Went home got my cats settled in and c


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